Q4-22 – The New Normal Came in a Year Where There Was Nowhere to Hide

"The good news is that the year 2022 is over. What felt like a 365-day roller coaster ride for investors and capital markets is officially in the books and we are, to quote any number of acerbic professional coaches, moving on to 2023. The flip side to the “moving on to 2023” sentiment is that 2022  happened, and processing all of the events (and not giving short shrift to lessons learned) will be critical for investing success in 2023 and beyond.  Throughout the year in 2022 one thing became abundantly clear: the new normal started in a year where there was nowhere to hide. .." Click here to finish reading the Q4-22 Market Commentary.

Prepared by Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, L.P.

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