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2022 Retirement Plan Limitations

Learn about the 2022 retirement plan limitations announced by the IRS, effective January 1, 2022.

SDWMA Spotlight: The Voyage Program

Join members of the Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors team to learn more about the Voyage Program.

Approaching Year End, Beware of the Lurking Ninja Tax

Learn more about the income tax on capital gains distributions and how investors can effectively manage exposure.

SDWMA Financial Planning Video Series Now Available

Explore the new financial planning video series from the Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors team.

| 10.21.2021

SDWMA Newsletter October 2021

| 10.19.2021

Q3-21 – Some More Normal
with a Side of Inflation

Our second quarter letter was titled "Revenge of the Normal," appropriately describing market conditions that had transitioned from the COVID wall of worry to future growth expectations in a post-COVID world. If the second quarter was revenge of the normal, the third quarter could most aptly be described as "some more normal with a side of inflation."

Social Security’s Inadequate Cost-of-Living Adjustment

Learn more about the difficulties presented by Social Security’s Cost of Living Adjustment and how to fundi retirement expenses and other financial goals and objectives.

More Potential Changes to the U.S. Retirement System Are on the Horizon. Here’s What’s in Store…

Read about two new bipartisan bills and how they will modify the 2019 Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act.

The Stock Pays a Good Dividend

Learn more about the benefits and misconceptions regarding pure dividend investing, and why using it as the sole underpinning of an investment thesis can lead to sub-optimal outcomes.

| 7.20.2021

Q2-21 – Revenge of the Normal

The second quarter of 2021 had a "revenge of the normal" vibe reverberating through April, May, and June. Increased vaccinations brought many re-openings and a rally in capital markets. But as we know, everything can't be perfect. We are also seeing an uptick in the new Delta variant of COVID-19 and struggles with appropriate interest rate and inflation levels.

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