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| 10.14.2022

Q3-22 – This Time Wasn't Different:
Facing the Backlash of a Pandemic

The most infamous words in finance are: this time is different. These four simple words are uttered in almost every economic, business, and investing cycle to justify valuation or price largesse of the current “darling” of the investment world.

| 9.19.2022

SDWMA Newsletter September 2022

| 9.16.2022

Participant Newsletter September 2022

The Autumn season can serve as a preview of your retirement — long days watching football, carving pumpkins and spending time with your loved ones! So, what better time to do a routine check-up on your retirement plan! Protect your loved ones and ensure you are keeping up to date with your retirement plan with our Autumn homework assignments!

2022 Down Markets: Costly Investor Mistake and The Powerful Growth Opportunity

Learn about the costly impact emotional selling can have on retirement accounts and the upside of "buying the dip".

| 8.29.2022

Plan Sponsor Newsletter - Summer 2022

This e-newsletter provides us with an exciting way to communicate insightful articles, industry specific news and developments within our firm. We are confident the articles and announcements included in our e-newsletter will become a valuable and respected source of information for you.

| 8.26.2022

Participant Newsletter August 2022

It is important to conduct regular check-ups on your retirement plan to make sure you are on track to reach your retirement goals. Below are a few questions to ask yourself, at least annually, to see if (and how) they affect your retirement planning.

Versus Capital Real Assets Update: SDWMA Tours Timberland

Better understand the benefits of owning real assets in a wealth management portfolio as it pertains to asset allocation within your portfolio.

| 7.13.2022

Q2-22 – Bad Markets Don’t Last Forever:
Keeping Perspective Amid Market Volatility

When the books closed on the first half of 2022, we as investors found ourselves off to the worst six months in the equity market since 1970, but it isn't all bad; it's all about perspective.

| 6.19.2022

SDWMA Newsletter June 2022

401(k) Plan Strategies: Options for Addressing Failed ADP Tests

Learn about the different options available to 401(k) plans to address failed ADP tests.

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