Retirement Plan Fiduciary Risk Assessment

Managing all that is required to run an effective and compliant employer-sponsored retirement plan demands a thorough understanding of governing rules and regulations and a commitment to established processes and procedures.

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Recognizing that many retirement plan fiduciaries do not have a clear understanding of how well their retirement plan governance and oversight program stacks up against industry best practice standards, Schneider Downs Retirement Solutions has developed what we refer to as a Fiduciary Risk Assessment. Our Assessment results are in contrast to the Global Fiduciary Practices for Investment Stewards published by the Center for Fiduciary Studies against a plan’s established policies and procedures. Based on the results of our analyses, as well as discussions with plan fiduciaries and third-party service providers, our final report connotes the degree of conformity to each practice criteria. Where there is non-conformity, or an opportunity for improvement, our report will outline recommendations on what changes might be made to further align the plan with industry best practice standards.

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The quiz touches on many of the topics that are covered under our comprehensive Fiduciary Risk Assessment and provides immediate feedback regarding your current governance and oversight processes and procedures. The application of our Fiduciary Risk Assessment is a valuable tool to assist plan fiduciaries in mitigating liability resulting from steadily increasing complaints and/or lawsuits alleging fiduciary misconduct. 

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