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Master Your Credit Card Strategy: A Guide to Maximizing Rewards and Boosting Your Credit Score

Uncover the frequently asked questions surrounding managing your credit cards more effectively and harnessing their potential benefits.

| 4.11.2024

Q1-24 - Easter Bunny Delivered

Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell is deciding when they will begin to cut interest rates and how many cuts there will be. It will be determined by the remainder of the first quarter.

SDWMA Named as one of the Nation’s Top DC Advisor Teams in 2024 by NAPA

Learn more about Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, LP being named as one of the Nation’s Top DC Advisor Teams in 2024 by National Association of Plan Advisors.

Investment Corner with Jason & Sean: The Last Mile of the Inflation Race May Be the Hardest

Learn more about the U.S. inflation rates over the past few years.

Financial Planning for Blended Families

Learn more about some of the most important topics to cover when creating a financial plan.

Investment Corner with Jason & Sean: Short-Term Yields Are Attractive… But are They Deceiving? 

Learn more about how to lock in yields for the next several years.

| 1.30.2024

2024 Plan Sponsor Newsletter – Issue 1

This e-newsletter provides us with an exciting way to communicate insightful articles, industry specific news and developments within our firm. We are confident the articles and announcements included in our e-newsletter will become a valuable and respected source of information for you.

Investment Corner with Jason & Sean: Japanese Stock Market

Learn more about Japan’s Nikkei blowing past the 34,000 mark for the first time in over 30 years.

| 1.16.2024

Q4-23 - Patience & Resilience: How We Got Through a Year Driven by AI & Interest Rates

The two driving forces in capital markets in 2023 were artificial intelligence and interest rates. The first three quarters of the year, the market could best be described as a case of the “haves” and the “have nots”.

Holiday Spending and Budgeting

Read more on Wealth Management's top tips to stay ahead of seasonal spending this year.

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