Executive Compensation

We have the breadth and depth of expertise in creating executive compensation packages that attract and retain talented professionals and keep them engaged for years to come.

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Invest In Your Team

Your company may pay top dollar for executive talent, but compensation alone is not a retention tool. Consequently, competitive executive compensation packages are paramount in today's professional climate. Your team is valuable, and we are poised to help you create and implement solutions that enhance retention, stability, and engagement within your leadership ranks.

Plan Types

We are able to assist with the planning, design, and implementation of many different types of benefit plans including, but not limited to, the following:

  • supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs) Plans that provide supplemental retirement income for executives.
  • 415 EXCESS PLANS Plans that reimburse executives for any qualified plan benefits that are lost due to the IRS limits in Code Section 415.
  • PHANTOM EQUITY ARRANGEMENTS Plans that provide a deferred cash payment measured on the basis of shares of employer stock, or other form of equity.
  • STOCK APPRECIATION RIGHTS Incentive plans that pay a deferred bonus based on appreciation in the value of the underlying shares of employer stock, or other form of equity, since the date of grant.
  • 457(f) PLANS Executive compensation plans for employees of non-profits or government employees.
  • RESTRICTED STOCK PLANS Plans that grant shares of employer stock, or other forms of equity, subject to a vesting schedule or other restrictions.

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